Our People



Nolan Romano

Nolan is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. After graduating, Nolan started his career in the cannabis industry by starting as a lab technician in another accredited cannabis lab in Arizona. While there, Nolan realized his passion for chemistry and worked his way up to Chemist, where he led the potency department. Though potency is Nolan’s primary focus, he also has experience testing terpenes and pesticides

When not in the lab, you can find Nolan either reading a fantasy/sci-fi book or playing with his two cats, Jinx and Uly.

Client Relations Director

Abby Goodwin

Abby has been part of the Arizona Cannabis Industry since 2017. She began her career at a cannabis testing laboratory and went on to work on the product side of the business. While there, Abby created educational training programs and organized brand events for companies such as Nectar Farms and Grow Sciences. Abby has spent the past five years pioneering cannabis education across the state and is a great advocate for our customers.

When she is not educating the world on cannabis you can either find Abby venturing out on a road trip or in the kitchen, teaching her daughter how to cook. Abby also likes creating and collecting art and is a self-confessed “foodie”.

Quality Manager

Brooke Kish

Brooke is a graduate from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science. Upon graduation she pursued a medical laboratory technician role. Here she was able to gain knowledge from her peers, conduct validations, and even do method development. Brooke and her colleagues provided thousands of test results during the pandemic to communities throughout Arizona. While her expertise lies in utilizing reverse transcriptase real-time PCR to identify presence of SARS-CoV-2, she does have general chemistry lab experience as well. She enjoys being outside, mountain biking, and cooking.

Even though the cannabis industry has been a big shift for Brooke, she is excited to be a part of this community.

Operations Director

Brianna Ramirez

Brianna has spent her career redefining stereotypes. She entered the STEM program at her high school which stoked a love for math & science. Brianna went on to graduate from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering. Brianna has held positions at several leading laboratories and technical facilities in both California and Arizona. Her passion for cannabis comes from her desire to find natural alternatives for pain and health ailments. She hopes her efforts will help to enhance the quality of life for her family and friends.

A self-defense and martial arts enthusiast, Brianna holds a green belt in Judo, and is an avid collector of knives and small firearms. When she's not doing science or kicking ass, she likes to hang out with her French Bulldog, Bandit.

Technical Lab Director

Diego Arellano

A Phoenix native, Diego went to Ohio to study chemistry. While there, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from the College of Wooster. Diego went on to work as a Research Assistant within the College's Chemistry Department. In 2017, he returned to the Phoenix area to start his career in cannabis, holding a number of positions at two of the Valley’s early testing labs where he helped them achieve AZDHS Lab accreditations and ISO Certifications. Diego is now considered one of the states most experienced Cannabis Testers, an expert in testing cannabis for Potency, Residual Solvents, Terpenes and Pesticides.

When not in the lab, he enjoys helping at his family's flower shop, penny boarding, planting succulents and performing kitchen chemistry (making his own essential oils).

Client Relations

Savannah Cole

Savannah is currently a senior at Arizona State University, graduating shortly with a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Global Health. During her undergraduate studies, she enjoys helping the community and the environment by attending a variety of volunteer work. As an Arizona native, she’s proud to see her home state welcoming the benefits of cannabis and hopes to help maintain the safety measures put in place to keep it legal.

In her free time, Savannah enjoys traveling, gardening and spending time with her dogs; Axell and Daisy.

Quality Assurance

Maddie Huggins

Maddie is a graduate from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. After graduating, she worked in the mycology field working with citizen scientists to study soil fungi across the United States. She made her transition out of academic research and into the industry last year, taking on a microbiologist position at a compliance lab, where she excelled. Maddie is excited to be a part of the cannabis industry.

In her free time, Maddie enjoys hiking, gardening, and exploring the outdoors. When she is not outside, you can find her snuggling her two kitties Astro and Nibi.

Chief Executive Officer

John Gibson

Meet John, a dynamic leader with a diverse background and a true passion for building high-performing teams. With a degree in Sociology and a minor in English, John's love for people and language has driven his successful career.

Over the years, John has held several management positions in the automotive and consumer electronics sectors.

However, his love for the cannabis industry led him to become an executive for Shango Cannabis in Arizona, where he played a crucial role in building the company's success. He firmly believes in thinking outside the box and encouraging his team to do the same, which has led to his success in building all-star teams that last.

John's passion for the cannabis industry extends beyond his work. He is a true advocate for the plant and is always looking for ways to assist in the future of cannabis in the Arizona market. With a clear vision to lead the industry, John has positioned Treehouse Laboratories for continued success.

When not at the lab, John loves to stay active and enjoy adventures with his family. Originally from Nebraska, he was a member of the 1997 Nebraska Cornhusker National Champion Football team. With his noteworthy background, devotion to cannabis, and leadership skills, John is a true asset to any organization.