Our People


Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Chris VanSElow

Chris Vanselow is one of the leading cannabis testing and technology authorities in the world today. Chris has an extensive background in laboratory equipment and scientific operational processes. He has worked for companies such as Agilent Technologies, Waters Corporation and is a former Navy Aviation Systems Operator. Chris’s scientific background and knowledge of cannabis testing, lab equipment and systems makes him an expert in his area.

When Chris isn't in the lab testing cannabis or teaching, he spends his time volunteering at a dog rescue or at home with his four Belgian Malinois rescues.

Director Customer Relations

Abby Goodwin

Abby has been part of the Arizona Cannabis Industry since 2017. She began her career at a cannabis testing laboratory and went on to work on the product side of the business. While there, Abby created educational training programs and organized brand events for companies such as Nectar Farms and Grow Sciences. Abby has spent the past five years pioneering cannabis education across the state and is a great advocate for our customers.

When she is not educating the world on cannabis you can either find Abby venturing out on a road trip or in the kitchen, teaching her daughter how to cook. Abby also likes creating and collecting art and is a self-confessed “foodie”.

Lead Scientist

Dr. Kim Rendek

Before going on to hold leading scientist roles in California and Arizona, Kim Rendek received her PhD in Biochemistry at ASU. She is an expert in materials, nanoparticles & biomolecule characterization, colloidal chemistry, macromolecular crystallography, and analytical instrumentation. Kim believes in utilizing her analytical chemistry skills and background to pursue a passion for plant-based medicine. In her past life she was a lifeguard and is PADI (Scuba) certified. Kim holds both a private and commercial pilots' license and cycles competitively. She is a supporter of the use of cannabis and CBD products for health and athletic recovery. She is driven to enhance the knowledge, effects, and safe use of cannabis in society.

In Kim’s limited down time she runs her own jewelry business and hangs out with her pet rabbit.

Senior Chemist

Brianna Ramirez

Brianna has spent her career redefining stereotypes. She entered the STEM program at her high school which stoked a love for math & science. Brianna went on to graduate from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering. Brianna has held positions at several leading laboratories and technical facilities in both California and Arizona. Her passion for cannabis comes from her desire to find natural alternatives for pain and health ailments. She hopes her efforts will help to enhance the quality of life for her family and friends.

A self-defense and martial arts enthusiast, Brianna holds a green belt in Judo, and is an avid collector of knives and small firearms. When she's not doing science or kicking ass, she likes to hang out with her French Bulldog, Bandit.

Technical Operations Manager

Susannah Kohn

Susannah has a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Arizona, where she was a recipient of the the prestigious Craig M. Berge Design Award for the design of a robot that conducted remote monitoring of wind farms. Susannah has spent the majority of her career in the Space and Defense Industry predominately building, launching and testing lots of high tech stuff that she’s not allowed to talk to us about. At Treehouse Labs, Susannah has cradle to grave oversight of the products we test, our LIMS operating system and advancing technology systems across the lab.

When not at Treehouse Susannah has a love for gardening, space technology and classic muscle cars.

Senior Biologist

Kelsey Carter

Kelsey has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Texas A&M. She is regarded as one of the state's leading cannabis microbiology experts. Kelsey established and ran microbiology departments at two other cannabis testing labs in Arizona. While there, Kelsey was instrumental in establishing AZDHS standards for the state government board. Besides her passion for microbiology, Kelsey is an Aquarist at Sea Life in Arizona and loves to educate the world about marine life. An accomplished diver and certified to SCUBA Rescue Level, she has plunged to the depths of the oceans around the world. Trust us when we say that no one will go deeper to provide more accurate test results!

senior chemist

Diego Arellano

A Phoenix native, Diego went to Ohio to study chemistry. While there, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from the College of Wooster. Diego went on to work as a Research Assistant within the College's Chemistry Department. In 2017, he returned to the Phoenix area to start his career in cannabis, holding a number of positions at two of the Valley’s early testing labs where he helped them achieve AZDHS Lab accreditations and ISO Certifications. Diego is now considered one of the states most experienced Cannabis Testers, an expert in testing cannabis for Potency, Residual Solvents, Terpenes and Pesticides.

When not in the lab, he enjoys helping at his family's flower shop, penny boarding, planting succulents and performing kitchen chemistry (making his own essential oils).


Emma Royster

Emma is a recent graduate from Arizona State University, where she obtained simultaneous Bachelor’s Degrees in Biomedical Science and Neuroscience, receiving the prestigious Moeur Award for her academics by graduating summa cum laude in both degrees! During her undergraduate studies, Emma was actively involved in research on campus, primarily concentrating on genomics within the Center for Evolution and Medicine, working extensively with qPCR technology. Emma has continued her involvement with research projects at ASU post-graduation, studying the deadliest animal in the world: mosquitoes.

Emma has a passion for public health, and hopes to see plant-based medicine keep growing within this field. When she is not at the lab, you can find Emma teaching hot yoga or hanging with her kittens.

Chief Executive Officer

Glynne Townsend

Glynne graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the UK’S University of Central Lancashire prior to obtaining a degree in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and an MBA from Michigan State University. He has held several executive positions in the automotive, technology and energy sectors. An experienced entrepreneur he has launched companies from ideas to IPO’s, restructured faltering start up’s and sold technologies to multiple fortune 500 companies.

Glynne has a passion for building highly effective teams and creating customer value through technology. An enthusiastic learner, Glynne is fascinated by the opportunities that cannabis research and education can bring.

As a leader, he believes in hiring people smarter than himself and letting them tell him what to do. Which is why we have one of the best cannabis testing teams in the country and a clear vision to be a leader in the industry.

When not at the lab, Glynne spends his free time at a soccer field or the barn supporting his children's sports and walking his dogs.